About the Privacy Policy
1. All information entered by the user in his profile shall be visible on the personal profile page. Any vulgar or racist word, any expression that does not contain interesting information for other users, will be deleted immediately to guarantee all users a quality online dating service. In addition, only images and photos that comply with the guidelines set out in the Terms and Conditions of Use will be displayed.
2. Your personal data is treated confidentially and privately and will not be displayed on any page of our site. This data includes, for example, your full name, email address, postal code, mobile or private phone number and IP address. In any case, when we request such data, we always emphasize that they will not be displayed without the express consent of the User.
3. does not share the user’s personal data with third parties for commercial purposes, unless the user explicitly consents.
4. Processing of personal data:
5. We are obliged to provide personal information to legal authorities if a specific authorization, such as a search warrant or a direct judicial request, so requires. In any other case, the user data is completely safe and protected on our website We make every effort to ensure that the User’s information is complete, accurate and up-to-date, but we rely on the User for any notification of data changes if they are updated or deleted.
6. The protection of people’s privacy is very important. For this reason, we do not collect or store data about people on our site and nowhere on our site is it designed to attract people under the age of 18. reserves the right to update this privacy policy at any time. When this happens, we will post a notification on the homepage of our site, update the date at the bottom and send an email to all users. We encourage our users to check this page frequently to be aware of any changes and how they can help us in the personal data protection process.
If you want to use our page you must accept the policy of this site. If you do not agree, please do not use! If you continue to use the site after disclosing changes to this policy, we will consider allowing such changes.
7. The individual use made by the User of the Service offered by and any form of contact established with other Users will be treated confidentially.
 8. has the right to send its cookies to the user’s computer and access them and allows the same procedure to advertisers. The purpose of the cookie is to allow to recognize the User each time the Service is connected and used and to keep the session active even when the User does not access the Website for a long period of time. Any information we collect through cookies remains exclusively anonymous.
9. Impersonate another person or entity, or post on your profile identifiable information such as e-mail addresses, telephone numbers, home address, instant messaging data (ICQ, MSN, Skype number or username, etc.), Website urls, etc. that allow contact outside Any such personal information will be quickly erased.
The User has no right to ask other users for their personal data or send chain emails or spam. For the safety and protection of our Partners against such actions, we reserve the right to limit to a number we deem appropriate and reasonable the amount of email a Member may send to other Partners within 24 hours.
The User has no right to harass or annoy other Members and must absolutely stop contacting Members who have begged him to stop bothering. Each User has the possibility to block any other user by selecting the relevant option in their profile. Blocked Members will no longer be able to contact the User and the User will no longer be able to contact Members who have blocked the User.
Unauthorized use of this website may result in damages and/or be a criminal offence. does not control and is not responsible for the User Content posted by you or by third parties or for any loss or damage related to it. is not responsible for mistakes, defamations, slanders, omissions, lies, obscenities, pornography or vulgarities with which you might encounter.  is not responsible for the User Content provided by other users.
You agree that may review, modify, refuse to accept or remove User Content at any time to ensure compliance with this Agreement and all applicable policies, without notice. This includes the right of to modify, cut or "modify" any photo submitted to ensure compliance with policies, practices and procedures.

In the event that your access to any of the Services is terminated or suspended in accordance with the terms of this Agreement, you agree that all amounts paid to are non-refundable, unless otherwise provided by law.

Interactions with other users. You are responsible for the use of the Services. This includes all risks associated with any online or offline interactions with other people, including encounters. It is very important to be careful when communicating with a stranger you wish to meet. is not responsible for the behavior of users or their COMPATIBILITY with you. You are not required to select your users, investigate their past or verify the information they provide. You agree that not all users are available to check their affinity and that may create profiles or test accounts to monitor the operation of the Services.
We strongly recommend that you take all necessary precautions when you meet other users, especially if you choose to meet them in person. Also, before using the services, be sure to read the online dating section: safety tips.

You agree to treat all other users with dignity and respect and to act in accordance with users' rules of conduct
10. Our users may decide to delete information from our database as follows:
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