Contact of the members


     The access to the services of interactionpresupposes the availability by the user of suitable hardware and software features and therefore compatible with the degree of updating that the operator considers it appropriate to adopt during use in order to optimize the service management.

1. The registration

     To register for the service of the user must be at least 18 years old at the time of registration, the user has the obligation to fill in all the slots that are required, the user and responsible for everything he declares at the time of registration. Registration is free of charge!

2. User and password

     To access our service you need to use a username and password. This is access data and is strictly personal. The member has the obligation to take care of his data. In the eventuality of use of three parties, the user is responsible for the misuse of his data. In case the subscriber communicates his data to third parties our service has the right to delete the profile without notice. The subscriber can change his password and our service can track the new password and the latest passwords will be changed from time to time. If the user forgets the password, to turn on to the service can quickly receive the new password on the registration email, by clicking on the "new password", put the nick and the actual registration email sent quickly the new password. In case of loss, furo and loss of access codes, the member is invited to communicate it immediately so that they can be invalidated and replaced with new codes.

3. Services provided to the user, basic service

     The service of provides some free services and some for a fee. For women and also for men our service and charge. Man search woman, woman search man, woman search woman, man search man, all the service are charged if you want to take advantage of our services apart from the subscribers who just want to use the free registration. To use the services just sign up to the site, choosing a username and password. So you can turn on the free service. Possibility to sign up if you make the data to make the profile, other users have the possibility to contact the new user. The search is done on the item "search" and there are multiple search possibilities after: age, profile with photos and online users. If you are looking, you can view the profiles with the selected search data. -Enter a maximum of 25 photos on the profile; -send a "like"-the default entry to break the ice; -possibility to visualize all the photos of the certain profile in a fast and cassuale way -the voice "visits" from the possibility to see all the profile that have visualized your profile; -in case you receive a message you have the possibility to see only the patient and to reply you have to subscribe to a subscription; -blocks users gives you the possibility of not receiving messages from users with whom you do not want to have a contact. is not responsible for the conduct of users or their compatibility with you. You agree that is not obliged to select its users, to investigate their past or to verify the information they provide. You agree that not all users are available to verify their affinity, and that discrete interactionscompossa create profiles or test accounts to monitor the operation of the Services.

     Interactions with other users. You are responsible for the use of services. This includes all the risks associated with any online and offline interaction with others, including encounters. It is extremely important to act with caution when communicating with a stranger who wishes to meet you. is not responsible for errors, defamation, slander, omissions, lies, obscenity, pornography or vulgarity that you may encounter.


The benefits of packages:

     With the Trial Membership  subscription you can use the chat/ messaggicon all users who have the upgrade done !!!

     With the Standard Membership subscription you can use the chat/ messages with all users who have the upgrade made and the cam service only with Standard Membershipusers 

     With the Pro Membership  subscription you can use the chat/ messages with all users who have the upgrade made and the cam service with Pro Membership  users but can not see Standard Membership users.

     With the Advanced Pro subscription you can use the chat/ messages with all users who have the upgrade made and the cam service with Advanced Pro users but they can not see Standard Membership  or Pro Membership users.

         With the Infinty  subscription contains a surprise from users ( women ) for exclusive users of the VIP site


     To see us both on cam without problems, users must have the same type of subscription and the same subscription numbers.

     Here subscriptions are unique. Sorry but you can not pay the difference you can only add one from the other as duration

     The site has no automatic updates or any other hidden fees

     TO BECOME VIP you need 3 Infinty  PAYMENTS and the user automatically becomes a VIP user. 

5. Benefits of paying users

 -You can send messages without limitations;

 -You can read the received messages without limitations;

 -You can call or be called in chat without restrictions;

 -You can use the videochat service without restrictions;

 -You can send or receive mesasagi even if the user’s security is weak or receiving and full;

 -Service consulting puts its expertise at your service for every problem that you aphrodite on your profile.

     All the above mentioned services are all fully charged. The subscriber nn pay you will be avissato of the fact that certain services can be used only you subscribe to a subscription every time also you will want to access certain services.

6.Services for a fee

     Registration to the site is free.

     The profile can be deleted at any time.

     Some features are charged!

     The costs to use the services are currently the following:

     Trial Membership - 20 days  euro 56,99 (does not allow the use of audio video - without automatic renewal)

     Standard Membership - 40 days euro 156,99 (does not allow the use of audio video - without automatic renewal )

     Pro Membership- 60 days euro 246,99 (allows the use of audio video chat - without automatic renewal)

     Advanced Pro- 80 days euro 286, 99  (allows the use of video audio chat - without automatic renewal)

     Infinty - 120 days € 326,99 (allows the use of video audio chat - without automatic renewal)


7. Cancellation of registration

     The cancellation of the profile can be done at any time when the subscriber does not want to take advantage of our service by accessing the item "delete profile", clicking there the profile will be immediately deleted and all the data provided together to our service. To recover Your down payment you have to browse Account preferences ->(and click) "Remove account".

8. Copyright

     All the content of our service type logos, photographs, animations, video, graphics, can not be reproduced, plates and uses of other services. The subscribers are strictly limited and nn can download, print or reprocessing everything that keeps of our service. The pages of the site nn can be copulated or distributed or exploited outside of our site. For any problem please contact our contacts: